What Drives People to Bet Psychologically?

Players who have been around for longer have noticed that online casinos have shifted from classic bonus deals to offers that require more engagement on their part. At the same time, the platforms have evolved and become more intuitive and responsive. The reason behind these phenomena is gamification.

Why is Gamification so Important? 

Gamification is the process of implementing elements from video games to other businesses. It is believed that adding an element of excitement and fun can be beneficial for both parties: the gambler and the online casino.

For gambling operators, it means user retention and higher levels of player engagement. Also, experts claim that adding additional challenges and rewards may increase users’ loyalty.

Players, on the other hand, get to experience online gambling in a completely different way. Instead of basic deposit deals and free spins bundles, there is an element of challenge and competition to the gaming experience.

Gamification in Practice 

For all players who are thinking that this is something futuristic, we have to say — it is already here. Almost all casino sites on the UK market rely on it in one way or another, all to provide a better service than others.

Here are some of the examples of it being utilised across online gambling platforms:

  • Slot tournaments that rely on leaderboards to release extra bonuses and prizes;
  • Challenges and competitions in which players compete against each other;
  • Rewards systems that encourage gamble to play and collect points to unlock bonus levels;
  • Newcomer free spin bundles varying in quantity and recharged daily;
  • The suggestion of games the player might like, based on their previous sessions;
  • Live chat that helps build communities;
  • Interactive features that enable easier support and a more dynamic environment;
  • Community events, streams, and hangouts.

Naturally, not every online casino operator will implement all of the above. In the current stage of gamification, companies need to attract customers who prefer this new way of gambling, as well as to keep gamblers who are not interested in it. Finding the balance may be difficult, but it is necessary.

Can It Really Enhance User Experience? 

Gamification makes online gambling feel more dynamic, fun and intuitive. By implementing elements users know from video games, it also makes the casino environment feel more familiar. All that influences how players act once they log in. It is believed this type of promotion encourages them to play more and explore new options, ones they usually wouldn’t dare to tackle.

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