Why is KFC’s Fried Chicken So Popular?

KFC stands as one of the largest food chains, especially for chicken lovers all over the world. The company boasts more than 25,000 locations across the globe in over 145 nations. While it has a vast menu to order from, one thing that is highly sought-after by people all over is the fried chicken. There is no denying the fact that KFC has worked hard to popularise the item. If you are a chicken lover, you can order your favourite fried chicken platter from KFC online on Swiggy. 

What is it that makes the food chain’s fried chicken so popular? Whether it is sold between two soft buns or in a bucket, there is something undeniably delicious and tempting about its chicken. Even the spray of pepper and herbs is enough to arouse your cravings. Still, several attempts to recreate the exact flavours at home are quite in vain. This is why you can order your favourite chicken dishes online from KFC on Swiggy.

Why is Fried Chicken at KFC Popular?

Some of the good reasons why chicken at KFC is so finger-licking delicious are:

  1. Pressure Cooked to Perfection

KFC makes use of pressure fryers to cook the fried chicken of the company. As commercial pressure fryers are quite on the expensive end, it is safe to assume that most residential kitchens are not equipped with this kind of cooking appliance. By preparing its chicken in pressure fryers, KFC makes sure that its chicken is immensely crispy throughout.

Pressure fryers can be perceived as a combination of pressure cookers and deep fryers in a single appliance. They are totally airtight. Therefore, these appliances effectively trap all the moisture and pressure inside. Pressure fryers enable the exterior of the chicken to become extra crispy while also creating a succulent meal that remains juicy and flavoursome inside. To top it all, air fryers are capable of frying chicken quite fast, allowing KFC to prepare large batches to keep up the customers’ demands. 

Do you wonder what makes the chain’s chicken extra crispy and tender? It is concerned with seamless moisture retention and pressurised seal of the cooking appliances. The combination of high-pressure and hot oil inside softens the connective tissues of the chicken piece, making it super delicious.

  1. Hand-breaded Chicken to Maximise Freshness

Most fast-food chains tend to use food items that are prepared off-site. However, KFC puts in efforts to bread its platter of fried chicken the traditional way: by using hands. Hand-breading chicken requires ample effort and time. However, the results are truly rewarding.

When chicken is hand-breaded in batches at different locations of the chain instead of being mass-produced by machines in some other factory, it creates a fresher produce for the diners. If fried chicken at KFC were pre-breaded or prepared at an off-site location, it would have been sealed in bags and then shipped across the globe before being cooked. The approach of the brand to hand-breading chicken delivers a fresher flavour to the dishes.

A great example of this use case is chicken nuggets at KFC. while most restaurants or food chains simply pull them out from deep refrigerators, KFC indeed hand-breads its chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets are all-white meat. These delicious treats are then effectively rolled into herbs and spices of the company.

  1. Special Signature Blend of Spices and Herbs

A major part of what exactly makes KFC’s chicken so drool-worthy is the highly popular blend of spices and herbs. As a result, the chicken dishes of the restaurant are savoury and herbaceous, lingering with the goodness of pepper and other spices. The overall flavouring is quite simple. However, it is capable of hitting the right notes.

The overall popularity of KFC’s fried chicken items left diners across the world wondering about the secret recipe. However, the exact ingredients and measurements are quite impossible to track. 

In 2016, a famous journal named The Chicago Tribune went on to publish what it believed to be a hand-written note that allegedly unfolded KFC’s secret recipe. Amongst some of the leading ingredients, black pepper, garlic salt, celery salt, paprika, and dried mustard were mentioned. There have been several attempts by home chefs to replicate the chicken dishes based on these ingredients and the results have been somewhat successful. However, the company continues to deny the accuracy of the alleged leak of its recipe.

Whatever the truth might be, there is no denying the mind-blowing effect of the secret ingredients and herbs of the chain when it comes to preparing its delicious chicken. 

  1. Scent and Sight Triggering the Appetite

In addition to the use of high-end equipment and its secret ingedients, there are some effective sensory experiences at play when it comes to KFC”s chicken. There is a strong reason why food companies tend to present such tempting pictures on the menu. It is because the appearance of delicious food easily guides our appetite. 

Researchers claim that our brains are beautifully wired to be naturally attracted to food that appears aesthetic. Therefore, the mere sight of food alone is enough to spark pleasure and hunger. The same stands for the smell of food. Studies reveal that odour stimuli are also capable of increasing appetite. 

KFC’s chicken dishes are known for their distinctive aura and smell. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that catching a whiff of the smell is enough to trigger one’s appetite. As a matter of fact, KFC”s fire logs have been quite popular. The first batch of them is believed to have been sold out in a matter of three hours. 


There are several food joints serving piping hot fried chicken. However, if you are craving some killer fried chicken, your order menu on Swiggy is bound to stop at KFC. As ‘chicken’ is an integral part of the company’s name, they know exactly how to take it seriously. Order your favourite chicken dishes online now from KFC on Swiggy. 

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