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The immigration process is a process in which a foreign individual comes into a country for many purposes including going to a funeral, visiting to support an ill person, business meetings, starting a new life, starting your work life, trying to escape prosecution reason

Research and access eligibility 

While navigating the immigration process, your first step should be to properly research the policy and requirements of the country you are immigrating to. Every country has different categories and eligibility regarding a visa with factors such as investment family type, employment and humanitarian reasons being the foundation. DM immigration consultants in Muscat can also help you.

Choosing the suitable Visa category

After completely understanding the research and eligibility of the country you have to choose the most suitable visa category which is in line with the reason for your immigration. These visa categories include a student visa, humanitarian visa, family reunification Visa and work visa. Based on the purpose for your visit to the country, you can choose the visa accordingly. Each of the visa categories have special requirements to apply for. Thus, you should make sure to apply for the visa category which is the most suitable for your future plans and your current situations.

Gather required documents 

Every country has different requirements to issue a visa for any individual and requires certain documents as well. If you don’t have the document required by the country then it is close to impossible for you to get a visa issued to your name. So,  make sure that you have all the necessary documents on hand before applying for a visa. You can search online for the requirements of the government of the country you are applying for a visa in. And as stated before, each country has different requirements for issuing a visa.

Submit Visa application

After gathering all the required documents, also try to gather some evidence to ensure the legitimacy of your documents. After that submit your completed Schengen tourist visa application form along with all the documents and evidence to the immigration agency. Pay the visa fee asked by the immigration authorities and if they ask for other charges then pay it as well. 

Await decision and respond promptly

After submitting all the necessary documents, wait for the embassy or the consulate to send you an email or notification confirming if your visa has been issued or rejected. Depending on the country this can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Once you get the notification from the embassy or the consulate make sure to respond as soon as possible to avoid any further delays in the processing of your visa. 

Tips for first time applicant

Start early

You can start your visa application process before traveling to the country. This is highly suggested as the approval or denial of your visa can take up to a few months

Stay alert

Make sure that you are regularly checking your inbox for any notification regarding your visa approval. If you do find a notification from the embassy or the consulate then make sure to respond instantly to it. Doing this can avoid time loss in the future.

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