Powerful video editing programme InShot Pro has gained popularity among social media users and content producers, especially for those looking to create engaging videos for Instagram. Its pro edition offers even more tools to improve your video content despite offering a wide range of capabilities on both Android and iOS devices. In-depth instructions, advice, and ways to improve your video material are provided as we examine how to use InShot Pro to produce Instagram-worthy films.

Table of Contents

1. Why Choose InShot Pro for Instagram?

2. Getting Started with InShot Pro

3. Creating Instagram-Worthy Videos with InShot Pro: The How-To

4. Advanced Techniques: Elevating Your Content

5. InShot Pro Features for Instagram

6. Pros and Cons of Using InShot Pro for Instagram

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

8. Maximizing Your Instagram Video Reach

9. Conclusion

Why Choose InShot Pro for Instagram?

Instagram producers can develop their video editing skills with the help of a number of exclusive benefits provided by InShot Pro for Instagram. Here are some reasons why you ought to pick InShot Pro, regardless of your level of Instagram experience:

1. An intuitive interface

The user interface of InShot Pro is friendly and intuitive. It’s extremely simple to use and was created with Instagram creators in mind. There isn’t much of a learning curve and you can start editing straight away.

2. Tools for Professional Editing:

You have access to a variety of expert editing tools with InShot Pro. To make your content stand out, you may clip and cut movies, add music, insert text, and utilise a variety of filters and effects.

3. Continual Aspect Ratio Modification:

Instagram is primarily a visual medium, and InShot Pro makes sure your videos are Instagram-ready. To meet Instagram’s common dimensions, including square (1:1), vertical (9:16), and horizontal (16:9), you can simply change the aspect ratio.

4. Improvements to Music and Sound:

You can improve your video’s audio with InShot Pro by including background music or changing the pace of the sound. It’s ideal for crafting interesting blogs and stories that appeal to your audience.

5. Distinctive Video Effects

With InShot Pro’s distinctive video effects, elevate your Instagram videos to the next level. You may create attention-grabbing, innovative material with the aid of these effects.

6. Support for Rich Text and Emoji:

InShot Pro has a comprehensive text and emoji library if you want to add text to your video to improve it or send a message. To your films, you can add eye-catching captions, subtitles, or entertaining emojis.

7. Watermark-free:

The lack of a watermark on your edited videos is one of InShot Pro for Instagram’s key benefits. This makes sure that your material seems polished and wholly original.

8. Superior Product:

High-quality films are produced using InShot Pro, which is essential for Instagram’s visually-focused platform. Your videos will appear crisp and interesting.

9. Immediately Sharing

You can share your films immediately to Instagram after editing is complete. By streamlining the procedure, InShot Pro makes sure that your material gets to your fans quickly.

Getting Started with InShot Pro


  • Try Out the App Store: Go to the application store of your device. This is the App Store at Apple for iOS users or the Play Store operated by Google for those who use Android.
  • Type “InShot Pro” into the search bar in the application shop to find InShot Pro. Look by means of your search results for the InShot Pro app.
  • Once you’ve found In Shot Pro, choose “Install” or “Download” among the choices available. Your device will begin downloading and installing the app automatically.
  • Find the In Shot Pro icon on the gadget’s main display after installation, and press it to start the application on your device.

How to use InShot Pro:

Home Screen:

  • When InShot Pro first starts up, you are presented with the home screen. Here, you can begin a brand-new project or go on editing an existing one.

Start a New Project:

  •  Click the “+ New” button to start editing a video. You have the option of selecting a video from your device’s library or recording a new one using your camera.

Editing Instruments:

  • InShot Pro offers a large selection of editing instruments. Trimming, cutting, adding music, text, filters, and more choices are available. At the bottom of the screen, the tools are conveniently located.

Aspect Ratio:

  •  To accommodate different platforms, InShot Pro offers a variety of aspect ratios. The “Canvas” button lets you alter the aspect ratio of your video. Decide between various options, including square, vertical, and horizontal.

Audio Quality :

  • Improving the audio in the clip is just as easy as pressing the “Sound” button. Here, you may change the sound speed, volume, and background music.

Video Effects:

  • The “Effects” option in InShot Pro can be used to apply the special video effects. To improve the visual appeal of your film, experiment with various effects and filters.

Text and Emoji:

  • Tap the “Text” button to add text and emoji. With the help of this function, anyone can easily add subtitles, subtitles, or entertaining emoji to your films.

No Watermark:

  • To retain a professional appearance, InShot Pro makes sure that your edited films are watermark-free.

A high-quality result:

  • After finishing your changes, click the “Save” button. Your movie will be exported from InShot Pro in top condition.

Creating Instagram-Worthy Videos with InShot Pro: The How-To

Instagram has developed into a powerful tool for telling stories through images. Your video material needs to be interesting and visually appealing to stand out. This article will explain how using InShot Pro can be your secret weapon for creating Instagram videos that are memorable. We’ll talk about the following:

Splitting and trimming the tops:

  • Learn how to precisely trim your video so that it satisfies Instagram’s time constraints without sacrificing important information.
  • Learn the skill of efficiently splitting and cutting your footage in InShot Pro.

Adding Effects and Filters:

  • Enhance your videos’ visual appeal with spectacular additions.
  • Learn how to add filters and effects to your footage to make it more pleasing to the eye and consistent with your brand.

 Including Sound and Music

  • Recognise the value of audio in your videos and develop the skills to incorporate the ideal soundtrack or sound effects.
  • Discover InShot Pro’s audio features to make sure the audio perfectly complements your graphics.

Making Use of Stickers and Transitions:

  • With transitions and interesting stickers, you can give your videos a little flair and creativity.
  • To make your material entertaining and relatable, learn how to seamlessly transition between scenes and employ stickers.

Changing the Video Speed:

  • Maintaining your audience’s interest requires careful pacing and tempo management.
  • Learn how to adjust the pace of your video with InShot Pro to highlight particular moments and produce an engaging viewing experience.

Aspect Ratio Optimisation for Instagram:

  • There are particular aspect ratio specifications for Instagram’s visual platform.
  • Learn how to optimise your videos so that they are the ideal size for Instagram’s feed and stories.

You’ll have the knowledge and abilities necessary to create Instagram videos that are not only attractive but also reflect your brand or personal style at the end of this guide. Your creative playground will be InShot Pro’s robust features and user-friendly interface, which will enable you to create Instagram videos that flawlessly and precisely express your story.

Advanced Techniques: Elevating Your Content

Blue Screen Magic:

  • Green screen effects let you use your imagination to take your audience to any setting or situation.
  • Learn how to use this feature to give your films a little enchantment or professionalism.

Precision Keyframing

  • You may accurately control animation, movement, and visual effects by using the keyframing approach.
  • To produce seamless transitions, dynamic animations, and fascinating effects, learn how to use keyframes.

Colour grading for ambient light

  • The ambiance and mood of your videos can be greatly affected by colour grading.
  • Investigate colour grading to make sure your films elicit the appropriate reactions from your audience.

Text and title additions

  • The context and engagement of an image depend on the titles and captions.
  • Learn how to add text to your videos in a way that enhances storytelling and is visually pleasing.

Expert sound blending:

  • Getting the audio balance just perfect can make or break a video.
  • Learn how to mix sounds professionally to make sure your videos sound as fantastic as they do.

Compositing and layering

  • You can mix many elements using layering to produce intricate graphics.
  • To add dimension and visual appeal to your videos, learn how to layer and composite them successfully.

Making use of motion graphics

  • Your videos can become more contemporary and polished by including motion graphics.
  • Examine the use of motion graphics for introductions, transitions, and the transmission of information.

Unleashing the Instagram Features of InShot Pro:

  • The best tool for creating beautiful Instagram content is InShot Pro. Here is a quick summary of its standout features:
  • Video & Photo Wizardry: Use powerful editing tools to turn unremarkable images into Instagram masterpieces.
  • Create aesthetically appealing grids and collages with Collage Magic to stand out in your Instagram feed.
  • Text and Emoji Elegance: Add a personal touch to your postings by personalising your material with emotive text and emoticons.
  • Voice-Over Excellence: Use voice narration to add a distinctive narrative layer to your videos for gripping storytelling.
  • HD Brilliance: To make sure that every detail is seen, make sure that your videos are high-definition and Instagram-ready.
  • Custom watermarks allow you to stamp your artistic personality or brand identification on your work, enhancing its visual appeal.

With custom watermarks, you can imprint your creative persona or business identity on your work, improving its aesthetic appeal.

InShot Pro for Instagram: Pros and Cons:

You’re thinking about editing your Instagram videos with InShot Pro. Let’s examine its benefits and potential drawbacks.


  • A user-friendly interface makes InShot Pro accessible to novices while still containing complex functionality for professionals. Simplicity with Depth.
  • Versatile Editing: You have a wide range of tools at your disposal, including the ability to trim, divide, apply filters, insert music, use transitions, and alter video speed.
  • Professional Touch: Improve the professional vibe of your Instagram videos by elevating your material with cutting-edge approaches.
  • Customised for Instagram: The features of InShot Pro were created with Instagram’s visual platform in mind, guaranteeing that your content will fit perfectly.
  • Enjoy the clarity of high-definition video exports to make your Instagram images stand out.
  • Brand identity: Make a statement by adding personalised watermarks that further your company’s identity or artistic style.


  • Learning Curve: While beginner-friendly, mastering InShot Pro’s full potential may take some time for new users.
  • Not for Extreme Editing: If you’re looking for super-advanced editing like Adobe Premiere Pro, InShot Pro may have limitations.

InShot Pro for Instagram is a compelling tool for most Instagram enthusiasts, offering a balance of simplicity and sophistication. It ensures your content thrives on the platform, although those seeking extremely advanced editing might need additional software.

InShot Pro for Instagram: FAQs

Q1. Is InShot Pro compatible with iOS and Android devices?

A: Yes, a variety of users can use InShot Pro because it is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Q2. Does InShot Pro have any paid features or is it entirely free to use?

A: An extensive free version is available from InShot Pro. There is a subscription edition available, though, which removes ads and unlocks other tools. You can decide on the option that best meets your needs.

Q3. How can I use InShot Pro to add music to my videos?

A: It’s simple! Upload your video to InShot Pro, then select the music file you want to use by tapping the “Music” icon. The music can be edited and modified to best complement your video

Q4. How long should a video be for Instagram?

A: Instagram’s ideal video length for normal posts is 3 to 60 seconds. It can be as long as 15 minutes on IGTV (or as long as 60 minutes for larger accounts). The typical clip length for stories is 15 seconds.

Q5. Is it possible to get watermarks off of my InShot Pro videos?

A:You typically need to upgrade to InShot Pro’s premium edition in order to remove the watermark. It is a typical feature in the majority of expensive video editing applications..

Maximizing Your Instagram Video Reach:

Leveraging Hashtags Effectively

  • Understanding the role of hashtags in improving discoverability.
    • Tips for choosing the right hashtags for your content.
    • Creating branded hashtags for your videos.

Engaging Captions and Descriptions

  • The importance of compelling captions in capturing viewers’ attention.
    • Crafting engaging descriptions that tell a story and encourage interaction.

Timely and Consistent Posting

  • The significance of posting at optimal times to reach your target audience.
    • Maintaining a consistent posting schedule for predictable engagement.

Engagement with Your Audience

  • The value of responding to comments and engaging with your followers.
    • Techniques to encourage likes, comments, and shares on your videos.

Collaborations and Partnerships

  • The benefits of collaborating with other Instagram creators.
    • How to establish partnerships for mutual growth.

Using Instagram Stories and IGTV

  • Harnessing the potential of Instagram Stories for more dynamic content.
    • Exploring IGTV for longer-form videos and reaching a broader audience.

Analytics and Insights

  • Understanding Instagram’s insights to track your video performance.
    • Using analytics to refine your content strategy for better reach.

This section will provide Instagram video creators with valuable strategies to enhance their content’s reach and engagement, ultimately helping them grow their presence on the platform.


Strengthening Creators highlighting the most important lessons from our course and motivating you to use InShot Pro to produce Instagram-worthy films.

With InShot Pro, set out on a path to improve your Instagram content creation. Enhance your videos so they stand out in the competitive world of social media. Let’s get going!

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